We would like to offer a few tips for homeowners to help you choose the right policy, save money on your homeowners insurance policy, and help keep you and your family safe and protected.

Controlling household expenses is something we all try to do. We want to help you reduce your home insurance costs when possible. Here are some points to consider:

  • Smoke alarms
    Check your policy or contact us to see that you are receiving a discount. If you don’t have alarms, get them. Not just for the discount, but for your family’s safety.
  • Higher deductibles
    The standard deductible today is $250. If yours is lower, you are paying an added charge. If you choose a $500 or higher deductible, more savings are available.
  • Delete unneeded coverage
    Review your policy. There may be jewelry listed that has since been sold, endorsements for businesses in the home that are no longer in operation or other unnecessary coverages.
  • Central station alarms
    Fire and burglary alarm systems that automatically dial a central station can provide both good security and a significant premium savings.
  • Combine home and auto insurance in one company
    Companies often offer a discount on the home and auto insurance or both when carried by the same insurer.

In addition to these money-saving tips, some companies offer discounts if you have fire extinguishers, deadbolt locks or a loss-free record. Contact us today so we can check your policy and review which homeowner tips would be effective for you.

Sewer and drain backup coverage is very inexpensive to add to a policy. It usually can be endorsed to a homeowners policy for less than $50.00 per year. The endorsement provides coverage for dwellings and personal property on the premises described on the Declarations for direct loss caused by water or sewage which backs up through sewers or drains, or which enters into and overflows from within a sump pump, sump pump well, or any other system designed to remove subsurface water which is drained from the foundation area.

Do you need this coverage? Here are a few situations where you could benefit from purchasing this coverage:

  • Your sump pump fails and your personal property in your home gets water damage.
  • Your sewer line backs up and sewer water damages your finished basement including furniture, carpeting, and walls.

Ways to prevent a backup:

  • Install a check valve, when installed in your sewer lateral it can prevent a backup into your home caused by a blockage in the sewer main.
  • Add a battery backup to your sump pump.