Protect Your Four Wheeled Baby With Classic Car Insurance

A classic car is like a fine bottle of wine; as it ages, its value increases. If you have a vintage vehicle, you will certainly want to protect it. Protecting it means parking it in a secure garage, washing, waxing, and detailing it on a regular basis, driving it carefully, and buying insurance as protection in case of accident or theft. Most cars decrease in value as they age. However, classic cars often hold their value or increase in value as the years pass. Insuring a classic car requires specialized insurance that reflects this important difference. Gilmartin Insurance Agency recommends you purchase classic car insurance to protect your vintage vehicle.

Valuing your classic car is usually an easy process. If you have an original vehicle that hasn’t been modified or altered, there are several resources that will help you value the vehicle. Publications such as the NADA Guides or the Old Cars Price Guide can help you determine the correct value for your classic beauty. You don’t usually need to hire an appraiser unless you have had made major alterations on the vehicle. If this is the case an appraiser may be needed to help support any valuation claim you make to the insurance carrier. In addition, if you are building your own car or completely restoring one, you should keep detailed records of the work and the cost of the parts in order to support any valuation claim.

Classic car insurance usually costs less than normal auto insurance due to the various restrictions. The liability portion of your insurance coverage is usually less than $100 per year because insurers assume you will be driving less miles and more cautiously than you do with your normal car. The price of your insurance premiums will depend on your vehicle, your zip code, and how you store your car. If you own a vintage auto, it is essential to have classic car insurance. If you live in NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania), Scranton, or Wilkes-Barre areas, your best bet is the Gilmartin Insurance Agency for classic car insurance. Gilmartin is also the perfect choice for all your other insurance needs, including homeowners, auto, and business.