4 Questions to Ask Your Landlord Before Moving In

Housing is a basic need, so unless your life took a series of unfortunate turns, you’re eventually going to buy or rent accommodation. Moving in comes with an assortment of privileges and freedoms. You get to, within reason, rule where you live. You decide when to sleep, who can come over, when you come back home, what you put in, etc. (more…)

What Is Umbrella Insurance & Why Does Your Business Need It?

While most businesses strictly adhere to laws and bylaws in their operations, sometimes a company can make a mistake. Other firms can find themselves on the receiving end of harsh economic conditions or structural changes that threaten their stability. In these instances, regular insurance won’t cut it; these situations will quickly push past your insurance limits. In these circumstances, you need umbrella insurance. Here’s what it is and why you need it. (more…)

3 Lesser-Known Facts About Motorcycle Insurance

Some view motorcycle insurance as a luxury instead of a necessity. This may stem from one’s perception of a motorcycle’s value or the lack of risk in driving it. For instance, some may consider motorcycles to be less valuable than cars. While this is true on average, it doesn’t mean motorcycles aren’t valuable. Motorcycle accidents are often more dangerous than car accidents due to the lack of protection. (more…)