Stressed business-owner counting money after her business was forced to shut down temporarily
Business interruption insurance, aka business income insurance, can help you recover financial losses from temporary shutdowns―given that you filed a commercial property insurance claim. Bear in mind that business interruption insurance only applies to operational shut down caused by physical damage to the property—the Covid-19 disruptions don’t count. For example, if there was a fire at your restaurant, you can file a commercial property insurance claim and get compensation from business interruption insurance policies. Such
Houses that require additional insurance coverage due to potential flood damage.
When it comes to weather damage, 2019 was one of the worst years in US history; the country experienced 14 major natural disasters—each of which cost billions of dollars’ worth of damages. The Congressional Budget Office states that hurricanes and tropical storms cost $34 billion in losses for US households every year. Homeowners living in areas prone to hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are easily at risk of losing thousands of dollars to weather damage. Homeowners
Good driver avoiding a car accident to get reduced insurance premiums
If you’re a car owner in Pennsylvania, you know insurance isn’t cheap. On average, car insurance premiums in Pennsylvania can cost you around $1,400 every year, which is higher than the country’s average. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce car insurance premiums, so you don’t end up paying so much year after year. 1.    Have Good Credit Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining insurance premium rates. Insurance companies use credit scores to
person in driving seat
Here are a few things you might want to know about your auto insurance policy now that coronavirus has brought massive economic uncertainity in our lives:
car insurance
Be it a regular car or a classic; insurance is always necessary:
car accident
A small driving accident where you crashed into someone else’s front yard may be something you deeply regret and want to forget as soon as the insurance claim is settled, but don’t be so quick about it. Did you know that auto accidents say on your driving record and affect your insurance rates? Here’s all you need to know about it. A Not-So-Permanent Record An accident, no matter how small it is, can stay on
office glass buildings
The onset of the coronavirus is an unprecedented situation that has rendered economies in trouble on a global scale. The US economy has also taken a hit as businesses scramble to maintain some semblance of normalcy in uncharted waters. With economic uncertainty, businesses are clamping down on expenditures to continue their business operations by minimizing losses. This also includes refraining from renewing their business insurance. But is this a wise step for your business? Let’s
boat and ocean view
Owning a boat may have brought you immense happiness, but afterward, it’s no walk in the park. Sure, you can take your kids out to the water for a small fishing trip, but do you have any idea the amount of time, money, and effort you have to invest in its maintenance? These are all the risks that a boat owner has to take. If only there were an easy way to minimize the cost