We provide Auto Insurance Quote options for both QuickQuotes directly from the insurers, as well as Comprehensive Auto Insurance Quotes from our office which is shopped around for the best policy based on your needs.

Quick Quote versus Comprehensive Quote

  • Auto Insurance Quick Quotes: Quick Quotes offer the benefit of instant response since they are processed directly by the Insurance Company (Progressive, Erie, etc.). In exchange for that benefit you would need to complete an application for EACH Insurance Company to receive multiple quotes.
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance Quotes: Comprehensive Quote Requests come right the the Gilmartin Insurance Agency. We review & evaluate your application and then shop around for the best insurance company & policy based on your specific needs. We are also frequently able to apply additional discounts that are not available through the QuickQuote process. The Comprehensive Quoting process affords us the opportunity to talk directly with the insurance companies about your application to help assure that you will get the best insurance coverage for your money.

Have a Classic Car?

No problem, we insure those too! Learn more and get an instant quote for Classic Car Insurance by clicking here.

Comprehensive Auto Quote

If you would like to allow our office to shop around for the BEST auto insurance policy based on YOUR needs, please contact us here.

Quality coverage with the best auto insurance rates in Pennsylvania!

Owning a car is one of the best feelings in the world; it gives you the freedom to go wherever you’d like, and whenever you want to!

At Gilmartin Insurance Agency, we protect that freedom by offering amazing car insurance deals to protect your vehicle. The number of car accidents has increased significantly in the past decade, so no matter how carefully you drive, an accident is a possibility due to careless drivers.

With Gilmartin Insurance Agency, you can get the best coverage from top companies, according to your car insurance needs. We offer incomparable insurance rates from competing companies in Scranton and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, including Pittston, Dunmore, Lehighton, and Clarks Summit!

We also offer quotes from companies that offer affordable premiums to people with good driving records, as well as safe-driving bonuses!

Get in touch with our agents today to find out what kind of auto insurance rates you can get to ensure your vehicle’s protection!