We all need our vehicles to get us from point A to point B. Whether it’s a brand-new SUV or a station wagon from the 90s, we should be doing our best to make sure our autos are maintained properly so we’re not left in a pickle when we least expect it. Gilmartin Insurance, in Scranton, PA, is here to give you some tips to help keep your vehicles running smoothly for as long as possible.

  • Make sure your oil is checked and changed regularly. Old oil can cause damage to your vehicle, while low or no oil can potentially ruin your engine completely. Checking your oil regularly and performing routine oil changes every 3-6,000 miles (depending on the vehicle) is a great way to help keep your automobiles running properly for years to come.
  • Check your tires. It’s important to make sure your tires are inflated correctly and not showing too much wear. Worn-down treads can’t grip the roads through wet conditions like they’re supposed to, which can lead to hydroplaning and loss of vehicle control. Checking your tires can help avoid disaster.
  • Keep your fluids topped off. Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget to check things like the fluids in your car. Making sure they stay full helps keep your auto in good working order.
  • Get a tune-up. Just like we need to see the doctor once a year and the dentist twice a year to make sure everything is good with our bodies, our vehicles need to see the “car doctor” for a tune-up to make sure they’re running to the best of their ability. This also helps identify problems when they are still minor and could save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.
  • Keep it Clean! Your vehicle looks its best when it’s clean and free of dust and debris. It seems simple, but keeping your auto clean, both inside and out, helps keep it looking and smelling great! Like a shower after a hard day’s work, your vehicle will thank you for it!

Check back with Gilmartin Insurance Agency in Northeast PA for more great tips like these! And don’t forget to give us a call for all of your insurance needs. We’re here to take care of you