Summer is coming and with it the hot afternoon sun and humid evenings. Whether you have central air, window units, or good old-fashioned fans, we at Gilmartin Insurance, in Scranton, PA, want to give you some tips to keep your home cool in preparation for the summer months.

  • Calk Windows and Doors-Gaps around windows and doors can leave your home open to cool air escaping and hot air coming in. Re calking can help seal those spaces, keep it cooler in your home, and allow your air conditioners fans to function more efficiently.
  • Cover Windows in Tint-The heat of the afternoon sun can raise the temperature in your home very quickly, causing your cooling units to work overtime. Covering your windows with a solar tint can help reflect the sun and reduce the amount of heat coming into your home.
  • Re-screen with Sun Reflecting Screen Fabric-Like tinting your windows, updating your screens with a sun-reflecting screen fabric can highly reduce the amount of heat entering your home while still allowing you to enjoy the summer breeze.
  • Use Room Darkening Curtains or Blinds-If tinting your windows or re-doing your screens sounds like too much work, there are still ways to keep the sun’s rays from turning your home into an oven. For a quicker, simpler solution, look into room-darkening and blackout blinds and curtains. These can be found at any of your local department stores and come in a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, colors, and designs.

Gilmartin Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing you with tips to help you in your everyday lives. Stay tuned for more tips like this and don’t forget to call us for all of your insurance needs! We’re here for you!