Some view motorcycle insurance as a luxury instead of a necessity. This may stem from one’s perception of a motorcycle’s value or the lack of risk in driving it. For instance, some may consider motorcycles to be less valuable than cars. While this is true on average, it doesn’t mean motorcycles aren’t valuable. Motorcycle accidents are often more dangerous than car accidents due to the lack of protection.

Another compelling reason for not getting motorcycle insurance may be a lack of knowledge about what it covers. Here’s what motorcycle insurance can cover and some lesser-known facts about motorcycle insurance.


The term ‘motorcycle insurance’ is somewhat deceptive because motorcycle insurance covers more than just motorcycles.

For instance, the insurance also covers mopeds, dirt bikes, ATVs, and scooters. It can also cover any gear that’s damaged in a motorcycle accident, such as your helmet or gloves. So, when you get into an accident, don’t assume that if you had motorcycle insurance, you’d still have to pay for your gear, etc.

Insurance Discounts

You can benefit from a discount if you combine your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies from a single insurance company. For instance, if you have a motorcycle and car, you can combine your motorcycle and auto insurance for a discount.

Another way to lower insurance costs is by taking a rider safety course or participating in a rider safety group. This reduces the risk of you having an accident, which reduces the risk to the insurance company. In return for this reduced risk, insurance companies may give you a discount. In either case, these courses and groups can make you a better rider.

Roadside Assistance

An accident isn’t the only instance where motorcycle insurance can help. If you forget to check your fuel or tire pressure before a long ride, you may find yourself stuck on the road. The impediment is inconvenient on its own, but the towing services you’ll need will add a monetary inconvenience to your problems. Fortunately, you can buy motorcycle insurance that covers roadside assistance to minimize your costs.

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