Business interruption insurance, aka business income insurance, can help you recover financial losses from temporary shutdowns―given that you filed a commercial property insurance claim.

Bear in mind that business interruption insurance only applies to operational shut down caused by physical damage to the property—the Covid-19 disruptions don’t count.

For example, if there was a fire at your restaurant, you can file a commercial property insurance claim and get compensation from business interruption insurance policies.

Such policies cover the loss of revenue, daily expenses, and even relocation if needed.

Being forced to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances can lead to substantial financial loss and permanent closures in some cases.

Business interruption insurance keeps you afloat and buys you time so that you can reopen and recover the losses.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of business interruption insurance:


Business interruption insurance can limit revenue losses when your business is temporarily closed.

The insurance policy will cover the income lost that your business would have generated had it continued operations. Rent Or Lease Payments

It doesn’t matter if your commercial property burned to the ground; you’ll still have to make rent.

You can make your rent or lease payments using the money from the insurance policy, so you don’t lose tenancy and can start from scratch at the same location.


If your current location is no longer usable due to a fire or a natural disaster, you will be forced to take your business elsewhere.

Business interruption insurance will give you the funds needed to relocate; some policies even cover moving costs and rent.

Employee Wages

Companies that are forced to stop their operations often resort to downsizing or cutting employee salaries to save money.

When you have business interruption insurance, you will get enough money to pay your staff even when you’ve halted your operations.

It’s a lot cheaper to hold on to your current staff than to hire new employees.

You Can Still Make Loan Payments

Missing loan payments can have devastating long-term consequences, and you’ll still need to make loan payments when your company isn’t entirely operational.

You can use business interruption insurance to pay any outstanding loans.

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