When it comes to weather damage, 2019 was one of the worst years in US history; the country experienced 14 major natural disasters—each of which cost billions of dollars’ worth of damages.

The Congressional Budget Office states that hurricanes and tropical storms cost $34 billion in losses for US households every year.

Homeowners living in areas prone to hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are easily at risk of losing thousands of dollars to weather damage.

Homeowners often incorrectly assume that their insurance policies cover major damages, but this usually isn’t the case. Most times, homeowners will have to sign up for additional policies to get the protection they need.

Let’s take a look at some of the expenses home insurance doesn’t cover:


Floods are quite common in cities that get plenty of rain and have inadequate drainage. Homeowners in these cities often assume that flood damage is covered under home insurance policies, but it rarely is.

Sometimes an insurance company will have separate policies for floods, but in most cities,homeowners must go through the National Flood Insurance Program for coverage.

If you live in a high flood-risk area, it’s best to get flood insurance to protect your property from damage. It’s a lot more expensive to pay for flood damage yourself than it is to pay for insurance.


The US experiences around 20,000 earthquakes every year, but we only feel a handful. Earthquakes are a common occurrence in the US, and the bad ones can prove to be devastating for homeowners.

Homeowners can opt for separate insurance policies that cover property damage from earthquakes since standard home insurance policies don’t cover them.

Simultaneous Events

If two natural disasters strike simultaneously,like wind damage and flooding, then insurance companies will probably not cover it.

Instead of relying on insurance companies, homeowners can take steps to prevent property damage from these events. They can install impact windows and doors to protect them from bad weather.

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