If you’re a car owner in Pennsylvania, you know insurance isn’t cheap. On average, car insurance premiums in Pennsylvania can cost you around $1,400 every year, which is higher than the country’s average.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce car insurance premiums, so you don’t end up paying so much year after year.

1.    Have Good Credit

Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining insurance premium rates. Insurance companies use credit scores to assess the risks they’re taking on.

It’s simple, the higher your credit score is, the better rates you’re offered for car insurance. A good credit score in Pennsylvania can help you save more about $1,379 annually!

That being said, there are restrictions placed on how insurance companies can use credit information when renewing customer’s policies; however, they are allowed to use it for underwriting.

2.    Be Safe On The Road

Drivers who don’t have traffic violations over the last few years can get up to 10% off on their auto insurance premiums. The moment you start getting in trouble for traffic violations, you can expect your insurance premiums to increase.

In Pennsylvania, a single DUI can raise your insurance premiums by 44%; an accident you caused will lead to a 35% hike in insurance premiums; even a speeding ticket will increase your insurance premiums by 10%.

DUIs in the state of Pennsylvania can lead to a spike of $1,082 in insurance premiums. It helps to be safe on the road. Let your car insurance company know that you’re a safe driver; they may give you a discount.

1.    Get A Discount For Multiple Cars

Most insurance companies in Pennsylvania offer discounts for multiple cars. If your family owns more than one car, ask your insurance company about multi-car insurance discounts.

2.    Pay Fewer Premiums

If you have some money saved up, it helps to pay your insurance premiums in lump sums instead of making monthly payments.

Paying your insurance premium in one go, or twice a year is a lot cheaper than making monthly payments.

3.    Bundling Insurance Policies

Insurance companies appreciate it when customers purchase multiple insurance policies; these customers are rewarded with special discounts.

Insurers let customers bundle certain policies and offer discounts on premiums for it.

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