A small driving accident where you crashed into someone else’s front yard may be something you deeply regret and want to forget as soon as the insurance claim is settled, but don’t be so quick about it.

Did you know that auto accidents say on your driving record and affect your insurance rates?

Here’s all you need to know about it.

A Not-So-Permanent Record

An accident, no matter how small it is, can stay on your auto record for years.

The exact length of the time depends on a variety of factors, such as the extent of the violation, and the state you live in.

Even if you weren’t at fault, the accident should be reported and will appear on your record under property damage.

What Does It Mean For Insurance Rates?

Once the accident drops off your DMV, it doesn’t typically affect your auto insurance rates.

However,insurers look back into several years of your driving history—the number of years they look at depends on the insurance company as well as the state you’re in—and that can affect the insurance rate you get.

Some states limit how long insurers can consider at-fault accidents when calculating premiums, but others don’t—in which instance, the insurance company has liberty.

Does It Matter If It Was Your Fault?

If you weren’t at fault for your accident, likely, it wouldn’t be counted against you, but this also depends on the company policy and the state legislation.

Most states prohibit insurance companies from raising their premiums after accidents if it wasn’t the driver’s fault.

Moreover, some insurance companies won’t offer you a higher premium if the accident on your record isn’t your fault.

Additionally, if you do get a premium increase after an accident, it will last for three to five years. It will also decrease over time if your car isn’t in any other accidents.

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