An umbrella policy is a godsend when you get into a court battle—specifically if someone sues you.

Now you might be thinking that you aren’t exactly Taylor Swift, so maybe financial protection in the event that you lose such a court battle is a bit much.

But that’s where you’d be wrong.

Do You Own Something Valuable? Then You Need an Umbrella Policy

As it turns out, umbrella policies entail so much more than just protection for people who are sued.

These are policies that protect your valuables from being cordoned off when you’re in trouble. And if you think you can’t be sued for the smallest thing, think again.

People have been sued by their neighbors for barbecuing in their backyards. Someone sued their friend for selling a video game.

And while some of these cases might be genuine, the point is that you could always find yourself in trouble.

What if someone sues you for something wrongfully, and you lose your case? It’s not a tantalizing thought.

In that Case, an Umbrella Policy Helps

An umbrella policy is designed to protect you if you are sued by someone for anything they see as deserving of compensation.

That something could involve your car, home, or your person, as outlined by the policy. Let’s say there’s a huge court case, and you lose your legal battle.

Umbrella policies protect you in these situations by paying for your losses. On the contrary, if you win, the policy can pay the lawyer’s fees.

Protect Your Assets

The major reason you need to opt for an umbrella policy is to protect your assets. Losing a trial can wipe out everything you own before you can even blink.

Umbrella policies also effectively protect you from being sued. For example, if you have an umbrella policy, nobody can sue you for causing damage or injury to someone at work or on holiday. You’re safe—and that’s what an umbrella policy is designed to do.

Other than the limits of your regular home and auto insurance policies, we recommend that you have umbrella insurance for liability coverage as well.

Where to Get an Umbrella Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania

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