No, that isn’t a date.

That’s the liability limit on car insurance in Pennsylvania. The numbers stand for:

  • $15,000 for injuries and wounds to one individual
  • $30,000 for injuries and wounds to all people
  • $5,000 for property damage

These limits are the minimum an insurance agency in Pennsylvania is liable to cover in the event of an accident. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Remember: It’s a No-Fault State

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state—and that means the driver causing the accident is not considered responsible for any damages or injuries caused.

Most states in the country, unlike Pennsylvania, are at-fault, and hold the driver responsible in such events. We’re sure that sounds amazing if you caused an accident, but…

What if you’re the driver who is injured in the accident?

How No-Fault Works

Let’s say Jack crashes into Jill’s car. Jack won’t be considered responsible for the crash, and he isn’t obligated to counsel with his insurance company. His insurance company isn’t liable to pay for any damages to Jill’s car.

In this case, it’s the affected driver who will go to their insurance agency to file a claim. It’s Jill’s insurance company that must pay up.

And this is where the 15/30/5 comes in.

Minimum Coverage for Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

You are required, by law, to possess vehicle insurance in Pennsylvania. If you don’t have an insurance policy, you’ll face strong penalties.

The minimum premium that an insurance company is liable to pay, in the event of an accident, is dictated by the15/30/5ratio. And it’s only the minimum coverage.

In a state like Pennsylvania, where 1,200 people died in car crashes in 2019, car insurance isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s a necessity. From highway accidents to even minor traffic incidents, Pennsylvania sees it all.

So perhaps it’s time you began your hunt for the best car insurance policy you can find in the state. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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