Upgrades such as remodeling your bathrooms to make them luxury spaces, adding a swimming pool, or redesigning your kitchen to look more modern don’t just make your house a more pleasant place to live in; they raise the overall market value of your house.

However, once you’re done with the renovations, it’s advisable to revise your home insurance policy to ensure that you can avail adequate coverage at affordable rates in case of an accident.

There are two kinds of insurance policy changes that renovations can lead to; they can either add value to your house, which means the rates will increase, or, they will make you eligible for discounts or savings options.

Projects You Need More Coverage For

These are some of the primary remodeling and renovation jobs that will likely increase your need for more coverage:

Expanding Your Living Space

Expanding your living space will add physical square footage to your property, increasing the value of your house. In this case, it is best to speak with your insurance advisor about this change before beginning the project, to protect your house against any fires or damage before the project completes.

Adding A Pool To Your House

Getting a pool installed will also raise the replacement cost and market value of your house; hence you will need more coverage to counter any damage to your property.

Redesigning Existing Spaces Like Your Kitchen

Decisions such as getting hardwood floors installed raise the market value of your house as well, which means that you will need to make changes to your insurance policy to cover any potential losses in the future.

Renovations That End Up Lowering Your Insurance Rates

Here are some projects that won’t necessarily call for an updated policy for more coverage, but may qualify you for discounts or savings—and in some cases, even lower costs.

Adding Safety Features To Your House

The addition of security features—for example, alarms, shatter-proof windows or even gas detectors—can lower the amount of money you need to pay.

Upgrading Your HVAC System

Upgrading your HVAC system lowers the chances of your house encountering electrical problems; hence, it can help reduce your policy rates.

Getting A Fence Installed

Installing a safety fence around your house may, in some cases, qualify you for a security discount option.


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